Herbert H. Robinson, III E.T.T.A.; Th.G; B.A.; M.A.C.T; LMHC; NBC.; Ph. D.

Early Years Herb Robinson was born on May 31, 1933 in a cabin in an apple orchard on Pechastin Creek in the geographical center of the State of Washington near Pechastin, Washington. Shortly thereafter Herb's parents, Henry and Alberta Robinson, moved to Otis Orchards east of Spokane, Washington. They worked small farms there for the next 14 years. Herb attended Otis Orchards Schools until the eleventh grade 1950 when the family moved to Greenacres, WA. Herb graduated from Central Valley High School in 1951. In high school Herb specialized in music, and he played many trombone solos with band accompaniment for the Spring and Winter music festivals. He competed in Eastern Washington music competitions in his junior and seniors years and took a superior rating for his solo performances. He received a scholarship to Gonzaga University in music. Military Experience In 1953 Herb joined the United States Marine Corps. He played first trombone for the Marine Corps Recruit Depot Band in San Diego, California. His duties involved playing solos with band accompaniment for the Eleventh Navel District's weekly television program, and he played with the Marine Band in the premiere opening of Disneyland in 1955 and Tournament of Roses parades. He later played trombone with the Spokane Symphony in Spokane, WA. In 1956 he received an honorable discharged from the United States Marine Corps. Family Life He married Georgia Jones and adopted Cheri and David Jones, and moved with his new family to Springfield, MO to attend the Baptist Bible College. Upon graduation with a degree in Theology in 1959 Th.G., he moved to Mishawaka, Indiana to became the associate to Dr. Victor Sears at the Twin City Baptist Temple. As associate minister he conducted a 60 voice choir, directed the Christian Education Program which included writing the education curriculum, and directing the teenage youth program. Also in Mishawaka, he took a major in music at Bethel College. The family grew to five children with the additions of Peri Elizabeth, Tanda Rene, and Gaila Daire Robinson. Ministerial Life In 1961 Herb returned to Spokane, Washington and founded the Inland Empire Baptist Temple on Argonne Road in Millwood, Washington. Throughout the next thirteen years the church grew to a high attendance of 1600 people with ten full-time staff members. Herb also during this time received in 1968 his bachelor's B.A. degree in Philosophy and Greek from Whitworth College. Academic Life & College Teaching He then attended Eastern Washington University and received a Masters of Arts in College Teaching degree M.A.C.T. in the Humanities in 1976. The degree in Philosophy led to a full time tenure track teaching position at Spokane Community College in Spokane. He established their Humanities Department and taught the following courses: Introduction to Philosophy; Introduction to Philosophical Ethics; Introduction to the Philosophy of Religion, Traditional Logic, Symbolic Logic, Art History, and Music History.. In all, Herb's studies took him to eleven colleges and universities through which he has accumulated over 600 credit hours of education with major areas of study in Theology, Philosophy, Psychology, Education, and Music. In May of 2002 Herb received his Ph.D. from Gonzaga University. Therapy Training & Professional Experience In 1973 Herb moved on to expanding endeavors. He has conducted numerous 72 hour weekend Gestalt Therapy intensives. He has directed therapy delivery agencies and hired and trained therapists. He has done consulting for schools and businesses. He was a developer of credit and non-credit courses for the University of Alaska in Fairbanks and Juneau, Alaska, and the Community Colleges in Spokane. He has done counseling in various capacities for over 30 years. He has fulfilled numerous grants doing counseling in maximum security prisons and community based personal growth organizations. In 1992 Herb received his Washington State Certification as a Mental Health Psychotherapist, as a National Board Certified Counselor NBCC, and in 1996 his Washington State Certification as a Perpetrator Treatment Program Supervisor. Herb is a private practice counselor at Tapio Counseling in Spokane, Washington. He maintains the following associations: American Association of Counseling and Development; Association for Humanistic Education an Development; Association for Religious Values Issues in Counseling; International Association of Addictions and Offenders Counselors, International Association of Marriage and Family Counselors, and the American Association of Professional Hypnotherapists. Herb has biographical listings in Who's Who in the West, Who’s Who in America, Who’s Who in The World, and Who’s Who in American Education.

Tapio Counseling is a general practice counseling service. A variety of services are offered at Tapio Counseling. General Practice Services: Tapio Counseling offers counseling for individuals, couples in conflict, families, children, adolescents, and blended families. Groups are offered for both men and women. Cheri Dean is a woman counselor who specializes in women, children, and adolescent issues. Tapio Counseling also offers supervised visitation services and mediation services conducted by Gaila Robinson. Telephone counseling is offered for individuals who wish from the privacy of their home. The Men’s Program at Tapio Counseling Counseling for men is designed to help men identify their unique way of relating to the world around them. Herb Robinson is conducting research regarding the history and development of masculinity. Counseling is provided to help men look at their early childhood wounds: the mother wound, the father wound, and the societal/cultural wounds. Help is provided to help men identity and cope with their stresses of work, stresses of relating to women in their lives, emotional and health challenges.

Services include the following:

  • Lectures and workshops, focusing on such topics as relationships, executive stress, fathering, marriage;
  • Psychoeducational groups, examining such subjects as coping with anger, intimate partner violence, fathering and relationships with women;
  • Individual, group, couples and family therapy;
  • Private consultations for individuals or couples.
  • Tapio Counseling is a Washington State Certified Perpetrator Treatment Program.
  • Men’s groups are offered to men who need to satisfy requirement for the court.
  • Many group choices each week are offered the the Tapio Counseling office at 5325 E. Sprague, Spokane, Washington.
  • Men’s treatment groups and general counseling are also offered by Tapio Counseling in Newport, Washington for clients in Pend Oreille County.
  • Men’s treatment groups and general counseling are also offered in Chewelah, Washington for clients in Stevens County.

The Women’s Program at Tapio Counseling The women counselor at Tapio Counseling, Cheri Dean, provides counseling for women. Classes and therapy groups are offered for women. Women support groups are offered to enable women to rediscover their personal power. Groups for women are also offered to those who need to satisfy court requirements. Mediation and Supervised Visitation Services Mediation services is often a successful way for people to take individual initiative and resolve problems amicably thus avoiding costly litigation. Gaila Robinson is a certified mediator. She also provides supervised visitation for children in conflicted families where that kind of service is needed.

Books and articles by Herb Robinson:

  • An Examination Of The Interior Psychological Constructs Of Men Who Perpetrator Intimate Partner Violence: Through The Eyes Of Wounded Men (350 Pages)
  • Kids Don't Misbehave: They Discover (45 pages)
  • Th,e Unity of the Sciences and the Humanities: An Application of Michael Polanyi's Tacit Dimension of Epistemology (45 pages)
  • A Brief History of the American Protestant Clergy (45 pages)
  • Fritz Peris: His Life and the Origin of Gestalt Therapy Theory (59 pages)
  • Distinctive Clergy Stressors: Professional Role-Related Personality Challenges of Ministers (96 pages)
  • Beth Seifardt: Saint at the Crossroads (48 pages)
  • Possibilities of Human Consciousness (42 pages)
  • Philosophical Antecedents of Modern Metaphysics (60 pages)
  • The Challenge of MasculinityÑhandout (35 pages)
  • The Transformational Process: How People Change (50 pages)
  • Empathy: The Healing Gift (15 pages)
  • Feelings Count First: Affect Therapy Theory (25 pages)
  • A History of the Christian Charles Sperber Family (205 pages)
  • A History of the Herbert Henry Robinson Family (288 pages)

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